Can You Use A Sauna After Microblading? Aftercare Tips

Medically reviewed by Dr. Justin Ternes
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Microblading is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. Microblading can give your eyebrows a fuller and more natural look. But the treatment’s aftercare requirements can be pretty extreme for the uninitiated.

Avoid using a sauna or steam room for at least ten days after a Microblading procedure. The moisture, humidity, and sweat can loosen and lighten the pigment of the Microblading process. Choose a well-accredited technician and follow their aftercare instructions if you decide to use a sauna.

Don’t be intimidated by the aftercare steps of a microblading procedure. Following these steps are necessary to keep your brows healthy and looking beautiful for longer. Here’s what you need to know about microblading, saunas, and aftercare tips.

Can You Go Into a Sauna After Microblading?

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You should not enter a sauna after microblading. Avoid getting your face wet for seven to fourteen days after a microblading procedure.

This includes showers, saunas, sweating, swimming pools, and similar activities. Water and moisture can loosen and lighten the pigment of the microblading procedure.

What is Microblading?

Microblading, feather-touching, or micro-stroking is a cosmetic procedure for your eyebrows. During the procedure, a trained technician will use a unique tool to draw on your brows. The process is similar to getting a tattoo but isn’t permanent.

The trained technician essentially cuts into the flesh near your eyebrows and inserts pigment into the cuts. Microblading entails thousands of tiny strokes. The end result should be an intensified texture and color that resembles the natural look of your brows.

Do’s and Don’ts After Getting a Microblade

Microblading is an increasingly popular cosmetic eyebrow procedure. The positive results can last anywhere from 18 to 30 months. The aftercare requirements can be quite intensive. Here are the dos and don’ts of getting a microblade procedure.

DO Research Your Technician Before Hand

Be sure to research your technician before you get a microblading procedure. Proper research will help you avoid adverse outcomes, infections, and other consequences.

Not every state has mandatory licensing for microblading technicians. This can result in shady and poor-quality practices. Request to see your technician’s occupational license, inspection from the health department, and read reviews before booking an appointment.

DO Keep Your Face as Dry as Possible

Be sure to keep your face as dry as possible after a microblading procedure for ten days. This goes for all types of moisture and humidity, including sweat from exercise and heat.

Keep your face and eyebrows directly out of the shower stream. Use dry paper towels and hand pat your face dry if it accidentally gets wet. You can use a shower cap to cover your hair and eyebrows if necessary.

DO Stay Away From the Sun

Be sure to stay away from and out of direct sunlight after a microblading procedure. You’ll want to avoid sun exposure for at least ten days and up to the first four weeks.

Use a hat, umbrella, or hood to block out sunlight. Consult your eyebrow technician to determine how long you should avoid sunlight after a procedure.

DO Follow Your Technician’s Aftercare Advice

Be sure to follow all of your eyebrow technician’s aftercare requirements. These maintenance requirements may vary slightly from technician to technician. Your technician may provide you with an aftercare cream.

Other technicians may recommend dabbing your brows with Aquaphor for 48 hours after the treatment. Consult your eyebrow specialist before and after to determine your aftercare plan.

DO NOT Pick at Your Brows

Avoid picking, touching, or rubbing your eyebrows after the procedure. Scratching and picking any flake or scabs can cause scarring and premature pigment loss. Allow any scabbing and flakes to fall off naturally.

DO NOT Apply Makeup

Do not apply any makeup to the tattooed area for at least ten days after the procedure. Facial cosmetics of any kind interfere with the healing process and cause discoloration. After ten days, you should be able to apply very light makeup around the area. Consult your technician beforehand.

DO NOT Exercise for 10 Days After

Be sure to avoid exercise and excessive sweating one day before your treatment and for a minimum of ten days after your procedure. Excessive sweat and moisture will cause the fine details to fade.

When Can I Go Into the Sauna After Microblading?

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Do not use the sauna or steam room for at least ten days after a microblading procedure. The moisture, humidity, and sweat can cause the pigment to fade and extend the healing process.

Your skin might differ slightly, so speak to your eyebrow technician before and after to determine what’s correct for you.

To End

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure for the eyebrows that creates a fuller look. The procedure is similar to a tattoo but not permanent. The aftercare requirements can be quite intensive and require you to keep your face dry for weeks after the treatment.

Using a sauna, steam room, swimming pool, or even exercising should be avoided for at least ten days after a microblading procedure. Be sure to research your eyebrow technician before booking an appointment. Follow all of their aftercare guidelines to avoid infection and keep your treatment lasting.