Can You Use Sauna After A Facial?

Medically reviewed by Dr. Justin Ternes
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Facials are an excellent way to treat yourself and your skin. You get to sit back, relax, and let a professional work their magic. But in order to get the most from your facial and avoid any unwanted side effects, it’s crucial to follow some aftercare guidelines.

You should avoid the sauna or steam room for 24-72 hours after a facial. The heat, moisture, and sweat can cause more irritation to your freshly exfoliated skin. Schedule your sauna visit before your facial if you’re at a spa or resort.

It can be tempting to forego any aftercare treatments following a facial. It’s especially easy to forget when you’re at a spa or resort, and there are many other activities or treatments to take part in. However, following certain aftercare techniques will keep your skin looking healthy and soft for the long haul.

Can You Go Into a Sauna After Getting a Facial?

Young Woman Touching Her Face in a Sauna

It’s best to avoid a sauna or steam room immediately after getting a facial. You’ll want to wait at least a day following your treatment.

During the facial, your skin will be exposed to steam and heat. Adding more steam and heat may cause irritation, sensitivity, and even broken capillaries.

If you’re at the spa, schedule your sauna session before your facial treatment.

Do’s and Don’ts After Getting a Facial

A high-quality facial treatment can leave your skin looking bright and feeling soft and gentle. Relaxing and having time to clear your thoughts is another huge benefit of the process. But what are the downsides? Your skin might be more sensitive afterward, and you’ll be paying quite a bit.

Facials are a luxury experience for most budgets. Getting a facial may be a quarterly or bi-yearly experience for you. It’s vital to practice proper aftercare to ensure the benefits from your facial are long-lasting. Here are the dos and don’ts.


Follow these aftercare instructions to keep your skin looking ultra-hydrated, healthy, and glassy smooth.

Do Go Easy on Your Skin

Your skin is especially sensitive after a facial, so it’s best to go easy on it. The serums and techniques used during a facial can impact the skin barrier. Always be gentle and kind to your face afterward. Don’t over-wash your face or rub it too hard. Stick to gentle, hydrating cleansers (on Amazon) instead.

Do Skip Any Makeup Products

Your skin may be a bit red and irritated after a facial. It can be tempting to cover these blemishes with concealer or other beauty applications. However, it’s best to avoid makeup for at least a day after getting a facial.

Your pores are more open and susceptible to bacteria after treatment. Giving your skin a break allows it to heal and the treatments to be more effective. You can resume your normal makeup routine after day one, but ensure you’re using clean brushes to avoid any bacteria.

Do Follow Your Esthetician’s Advice and Ask Questions

The best thing you can do after a facial is to follow your esthetician’s advice. Ask them what they recommend for aftercare. They might use different products, techniques, or tools that require various protocols.

Consulting your esthetician will provide you with a more accurate answer to what your skin needs. They might even recommend a product that enhances your routine completely.

Do Stay Out of the Sun

If you’re at a spa or resort, it can be especially tempting to lounge around by the pool. Although relaxing, this may cause more harm to your skin. Your freshly treated skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to UV rays after treatment.

Instead, try your best to stay out of the sun for two to three days after a facial treatment. Be sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day. Consider a high-quality facial sunscreen like Neutrogena’s Clear Face Liquid Lotion (on Amazon).


Facial aftercare is more about avoiding certain habits and behaviors. Because your skin is ultrasensitive, going about your normal routine could cause more harm than good. Follow these aftercare tips for the best results.

Don’t Pick Your Skin

Don’t pick at your skin or face after a facial treatment. Avoiding touching and picking at your face is good advice in general. After a facial, your skin is even more sensitive and susceptible to irritation. Picking at any blackheads or blemishes can cause further damage and scarring.

Don’t Exercise Right Away

If you’re at the spa or getting a facial, it can be tempting to exercise. However, it’s best to wait a day or two before exercising after getting a facial.

The heat and sweat can cause irritation to your freshly treated skin. If you really need to get a run in, try to do so before your appointment.

Don’t Over Exfoliate

Don’t over-exfoliate your skin after a facial. In fact, it’s best to avoid exfoliators for several days after a facial treatment.

Your skin was freshly exfoliated and treated during the facial. Using at-home products and over-exfoliating can cause more damage, inflammation, and sensitivity. Use a gentle face cleanser instead.

When Can You Use a Sauna After a Facial?

It’s best to avoid the sauna or steam room for a few days after a facial. Wait at least 24-72 hours before stepping into the sauna. If your skin is highly sensitive, it may be better to wait up to a week.

Schedule your sauna session before your facial if you’re at a spa or resort; this way, you won’t miss out on either activity, and your skin will be protected.


Facials are a wonderful way to treat your skin. Facials combat stress and pollutants from the environment and help you relax. But without proper aftercare, you may end up causing more harm to your face.

Be sure to follow your esthetician’s advice and ask plenty of questions. Skip out on any makeup, exfoliate, and avoid picking at your skin. Scheduling your sauna visit before your facial will help you avoid further damage as well.

Following these tips is sure to keep your skin bright, soft, and healthy for longer.