What to Wear in a Portable Sauna

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Saunas are one of the best health activities to get into, and a portable sauna like the Sauna Rocket (on Amazon) is a super approachable and cost-effective way to step into the world of at-home saunas. Portable saunas are very different than their non-portable counterparts, but they still have a lot in common when it comes to dos-and-donts like what you should wear in the sauna.

It is best to wear loose-fitted clothing in a portable sauna. They will make the experience more comfortable. However, if you have plenty of privacy, then it is perfectly fine to not wear any clothing in a portable sauna.

To get the most out of your sauna you need to be wearing the right clothes, so that your body can sweat naturally and you don’t get uncomfortable during the process. For portable saunas this is one of the very few details you have to get right to achieve the dream of a low-cost portable sauna experience. 

Best Clothing to Wear in the Sauna

Depending on where you are taking your portable sauna will depend on what you want to wear. If you are at home and your sauna is in your private bedroom, you can strip down! Going nude and natural will help you receive the most benefits out of your portable sauna anyway. However, if you are taking it camping with you or taking it somewhere public, you may not want to change in front of everyone.

Make sure you are wearing loose-fitting clothes that allow your body to breathe. You will want to be sure you are okay with your clothes getting damp because you will be very sweaty. If you have a cotton towel, this is a great option. You can wrap up in it, so you do not feel exposed, and your body will be able to sweat easily. The towel will catch all of the sweat and make your portable sauna easier to clean in the future.

Like traditional saunas, you should avoid a few accessories. The temperature will still be very hot but not as hot as a traditional sauna. You should not be wearing jewelry, smartwatches, or tight stretchy workout clothes. Bathing suits or sweatsuits are typically great if they’re not too tight.

The best part about using portable saunas is they raise your body temperature just like a traditional sauna would. This means they provide a lot of the same physiological benefits in the comfort of your home for less money, just make sure you follow our advice here, including if you have sensitive feet (more on that below).

You Probably Want Footwear

While you won’t want to wear shoes in a traditional sauna, you may want to wear shoes in a portable sauna. If your newest sauna is at home and the floor is nice, you will have no problems kicking off your shoes and relaxing in the heat. However, if you take your portable sauna on a trip like camping, the floor is not as sturdy.

A portable sauna is more like a tent; the flooring has no pads. This means if there is uneven ground, rocks, or sticks, you will be able to feel it all on your feet. If you wear shoes inside of your portable sauna, you will want to stick with flip flops or some kind of easy shoes to slide on and off. Portable saunas are incredibly affordable and a little bit more versatile than traditional saunas, but they’re going to have less protection on the floor, so you need a flat floor or footwear.

How Portable Saunas Differ From Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas are built in one place and tend to be non-moveable. Some of them are made inside homes, while others are made outside on a deck. They are entirely made of wood except for the cement floor, and they are a bit expensive to make. Portable saunas are something that anyone can buy, and they now come in a range of sizes.

They are shaped like big tents that can be zipped up to keep the heat in. Some of them are boxy and have head holes. They will not heat up as much as a traditional sauna, and some of them may not come with steam. However, these are perfect options if you plan to travel with a sauna, or just want to cheap at-home option.

You will want to avoid wearing certain kinds of clothing because it will still be exceptionally warmer than your standard room. Anything dirty or too tight will need to be avoided. You can find a more robust guide of what to wear in a sauna in another one of our articles, but for a portable sauna, keep it simple: go with loose-fitting cotton, I cotton towel, or nothing at all.

Regarding the temperature, portable saunas and traditional saunas are similar. Although, depending on the specific model of sauna you get, they can range between 77°F and 190°F. There are many different kinds on the market, all with various capabilities. You will want to read through the unique features before making a selection, to make sure the model you get can get hot enough for you.

For a small price, you can enjoy the massive benefits of a sauna right at home, using a portable sauna. These are a more budget-friendly version of a traditional sauna, and you can take them anywhere you want. These are well worth the money if you plan to travel and want to use the sauna everywhere you go.


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