Can You Put An Indoor Sauna In Your Garage?

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Indoor saunas are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s no shortage of Americans who are interested in putting a sauna in their home. Unfortunately, adding a sauna can be prohibitive for many homeowners due to a lack of floor space. However, there is a way if they think outside the box. One such way is through a garage, or, is this even possible? Can an indoor sauna be installed in a garage? 

An indoor sauna can be installed in your garage. As long as your garage has a flat, level surface, it is the perfect environment to install a sauna. Many garages have the electrical circuit breaker located there, so it also makes it easier to get power to the sauna if it requires additional power.

There are a few reasons why you should consider installing a sauna in your garage. The advantages are numerous, which we will provide here. Furthermore, we discuss details on what type of sauna can be placed within a garage and how to get your project moving towards completion. To learn all about sauna installation in your garage, what surfaces they require, and how to fit it, continue reading this detailed guide! 

What Sorts of Surfaces Does an Indoor Sauna Require?

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Whether you’re building a sauna inside your home or garage, it is always best to ensure the surface where you are planning to install it is level. It’s important to level your sauna’s floor so that it is structurally sound and provides an equal supply of heat to the whole room.

You can choose different kinds of surfaces for your sauna, and similar to the differences between sauna types (our guide on this), each may have pros and cons depending on your preferences, budget, and circumstances. The following are some of the most common surfaces used for indoor saunas: concrete, carpet, laminate, wood, and linoleum.

If your garage has a gravel or dirt floor, those are not good candidates for the base of a sauna. Even if you were to level those surfaces, they can shift and sink over time which would be problematic for the sauna. Besides, would you actually want the floor in your sauna to be made of something so dirty? 

Whether they are a traditional, infrared, steam room, etc., all saunas expect a flat level surface. For example, this Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna Kit for 2 People (on Amazon) requires a level floor that could support its weight of 230 pounds plus the weight of the occupants.  

Can You Fit an Indoor Sauna In Your Garage?

A sauna can easily fit in most garages. However, depending on the size of your garage and what else you plan to store inside of it, things may get tight. For example, a 2-person sauna takes up about 4 x 4 feet and is 6 to 7 feet tall on average. Some of the most common dimensions for garages are:

  • One car garage: 12 x 22 feet
  • Two car garage: 20 x 22 feet
  • Three car garage: 32 x 22 feet
  • Four car garage: 38 x 22 feet

As an example, if you were to put a 4 x 4-foot sauna at the back of your one-car garage, you would only have about 18 feet of length left to fit your car too. The average length of a midsize sedan is around 14 feet. In this case, you would be able to easily fit the 2-person sauna and your car in the one-car garage. 

Keep in mind that all garages and cars are of different dimensions. Therefore the best way to determine if you’ll be able to fit a sauna and things like cars in your garage is to measure it! So, dust off your tape measure and get to checking. 

A prefabricated sauna kit like this one (on Amazon) comes with all four walls and is a free-standing structure. It will take up more space than one that is custom-built into a room. For example, if you wish to optimize the space in your garage, building a sauna directly into a corner of your garage is the best way to go.

You can use the two walls in the corner of your garage as corners for your sauna- doing this can save 1 to 2 feet of space. With that being said, the garage wall will have to be made of a material compatible with the inside of the sauna.

Therefore, no exposed insulation, wiring, or drywall. You’ll have to install a wood layer. Alternatively, if your garage has concrete walls, that would work fine too. Prefabricated sauna kits are great for larger garages and save you the trouble of additional work and expenses of customizations.

If you have a 3-car garage, you can dedicate one bay to the sauna and other small equipment (like a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, tools, etc.) and the other two bays to your vehicles. On the other hand, custom built-in saunas maximize the space within the garage and may look nicer and more “professional” to some people. 

Where Else Should You Consider Placing Your Home Sauna?

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Most people think that when it comes to deciding the best location for installing their in-home sauna, it boils down to convenience. That’s actually only part of the story. You also need to determine where the unit can fit into the space.

Clearance is essential in this situation since you’ll need adequate room for venting the sauna. In addition to needing regular cleaning, most indoor saunas need about 4 inches behind it and 16 inches above it for proper venting. 

At-home infrared sauna kits can be installed on almost any level surface and are made of convenient, lightweight materials. With that in mind, these kits can be installed on any level of the home since there are no weight concerns. Always double-check the room’s dimensions you wish to install the sauna while providing enough clearance for venting and the door to swing open.

Sauna kits are typically installed in a particular kind of room. Some of the most common rooms for sauna kits are basements, extra bedrooms, lofts, game rooms, garages, master bathrooms, master bedrooms, sunrooms, and in storage nooks including underneath stairs and in large closets.

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